Lost World Studios

Lost World Studios is proud to present the most realistic dinosaur exhibits ever assembled - available for an unforgettable exhibition at your museum or botanical garden.

"The "Dinosaur Invasion" at Leu Gardens exceeded every expectation. This was our second time hosting these amazing prehistoric creatures and we can't wait to have them back. As a direct result of having this exhibit, both our daily admissions and new memberships increased dramatically. A big thank you for all they did to install and support our display."

- Robert E. Bowden, Executive Director, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida

Hadrosaur at Powell Gardens

Botanical Garden Exhibits

Bring the excitement and beauty of the prehistoric past to your garden!

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Hadrosaur - Eggs and Babies

Dinosaur Eggs and Babies Exhibit

Enter the world of a baby dinosaur.

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